kvsro varanasi

In persuaance of provisions of Education Cod for Kendriya Vidyalayas under Appendix - XLL (C) and after getting nomination from AIKVTA, the competent authority has accorded approval for consitituion of RJCM for Varanasi Region with following members.

Official Side


S.N Name                                                          Designation                                         

Office and appointment held     


1 Shri. D. T. S. Rao Dy. Commissioner Chairman of the Regional Coucil KVS RO Varanasi
2 Sh. D. S. Ram Assistant Commissioner Member

KVS RO Varanasi


3 Sh B Dayal Principal, Member KV DLW Varanasi
4 Dr Poonam Singh Principal Member KV BHU, Varanasi
4 Sh. Gautam Banerjee Administrative Officer Member Secretary KVS RO Varanasi


Staff Side

S.N Name                   Designation         

Office and appointment  


1 Dr Shanti Bhooshan PAndey PGT (English) Regional General Secretary (AIKVTA) KV Ahmat, Sultanpur
2 Sh Y N Singh PGT (Eco) Regional  President  AIKVTA KV  New Cantt 1st Sh. Allahabad
3 Sh Rajesh Sonkar TGT PH&E Regional  Vice President  AIKVTA KV 4 DLW, Varanasi

Sh. R Vyas Kuril

TGT (S.St.) Regional General Secretary KVPSS KV BHU
4         Sh. R. Srivastava UDC Regional President KEVINTSA  KV  New Cantt Allahabad                                                                                         
5 Sh. R. P. Tripathi UDC Regional Secretary KEVINTSA KVS RO Varanasi